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Enhancing Staff Knowledge Improves ROI    
Your staff can progressively become expert at digital and database
marketing using our unique
combination of content and tools at
their desks....NO TRAVEL REQUIRED!

Webinar Library & Training System for Marketers

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1. Subject Matter Expert Faculty
Detailed Curriculum
Data University Webinar Library as a base teaching tool.  Our library consists of more than140 hours of subject matter training in eight areas of discipline.

2. Self Paced Programs by Subject
Insights and Knowledge
Data University delivers Subject Matter Experts directly to your desktop.  Through recorded webinars, each expert shares insights and actionable knowledge regarding their area of expertise.

3. View a FREE Webinar
Webinars and Whitepapers
For each instructor-led session, a selected topic is mutually agreed upon. Data University provides a targeted list of webinars and whitepapers for each of your associates to review, based on the topic chosen. Webinars and whitepapers are part of the curriculum that is discussed with the Data University faculty coach.

4. Facilitation and Discussion
Live Webinar Discussions
Data University coaches conduct a live, group discussion (via webinar) with your associates to review material from the assigned material, examine the curriculm points of interest and brainstorm applications of relevance for your organization and your associates.

View a webinar for Free!


Click Here to sign up and view The Role of Social Media in Today's Marketplace a Data University webinar by Scott Hildebrand, Partner at CMO Consulting Group and a database marketing and social media expert. 

On-Site Training

bestAt your location, Data University instructors take your selected participants through a range of topics that will give them the tools to immediately become more effective, efficient database marketers. This is the foundation of an ongoing curriculum that will deliver the "knowledge transfer" that equips your team to compete and win.

Our training modules focus on two main objectives:

  • Enhancing the data knowledge of all participants;
  • Equipping participants with the tools to succeed in using marketing insights driven by data to achieve the company's overall business objectives.


guy_at_computer_40Better equip yourself and your associates by learning from Data University subject matter experts in these specific areas. You should expect to enhance your skill and knowledge levels, while generating many ideas that will help your organization become more profitable.

Click on the topic below to review the recommended viewing program:

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