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College of Privacy


Margaret Alston   Information Practice and Privacy: The Data Flow Map
Elise Berkower   State Child Protection Registries
Cathy Bump   Data Security: Translating Legal Requirements into Internal Policies
Alan Chapell   Privacy for Direct Marketers
Michele DeMaree   How to Generate and Enhance Customer Trust
Peggy Eisenhauer   Life in the Era of Unreasonable Expectations
Jennifer Glasgow   Managing the Risks Related to Privacy and Security
Jennifer Glasgow   Evolving Privacy Issues and Concerns
Dan Goldstein   Privacy Legislation and the Use of Lists
Dan Goldstein   Privacy Law and Legislation: An Understanding (2003)
Dan Goldstein & Robert McKim   Consumer Privacy: Managing Risk, Gaining Trust, Improving Your Market Effectiveness
Emily Hackett   California Legislation: The First Domino?
Emily Hackett   Privacy Chaos in the Fifty States
Tony Hadley   The Legislative and Regulatory Landscape for Direct Marketers in Congress and the State
Austin Hill   The Right Recipe for Information Governance: How to Use Measuring Cups and Cooking Tools
Reece Hirsch   Offshoring Customer Information: Privacy and Security Legal Issues
Bennet Kelley & Dan Goldstein   Risk Management in Email Marketing: CAN-SPAM and Other Issues
Denise Mainquist   Building A Compliance Program
Robert McKim   International Information Security and Privacy Control Management In An Outsourced World


guy_at_computer_40Better equip yourself and your associates by learning from Data University subject matter experts in these specific areas. You should expect to enhance your skill and knowledge levels, while generating many ideas that will help your organization become more profitable.

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