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Dan Otto


Dan Otto


MarQuant Analytics, LLC

Dan Otto, a former aerospace engineer, teamed up with classmate Barbara Lewis when they graduated from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 1995. As consultants, the two developed computer models for clients. They began commercializing their models and started licensing their proprietary software. They formed MarQuant Analytics, which has four software products, all of which optimize the marketing budget.

Dan has extensive experience in business, science and engineering. He is an accomplished business consultant and analyst with information, communications systems, presentation, quantitative and management skills. As a technical manager and engineering specialist in the aerospace industry, Dan has had 13 years of experience in the control of large-scale design and manufacturing programs. He has organized and managed project teams in many disciplines including finance, engineering, design, manufacturing operations, human resources and customer relations. He has also managed multi-million dollar material and labor budgets.

Dan has designed and implemented comprehensive scheduling, tracking and cost control systems for logistical operations. He integrated PC and mainframe systems into the planning, cost accounting, design, development and manufacturing. He has also developed computer based business science applications and decision support systems for strategic partnering, performance evaluation and equitable compensation, cross-cultural policy analysis, financial analysis, operational optimizations, pricing elasticity and project management.

Dan received an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA. He holds BS degrees in Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University. Dan also lectures at the Anderson School and Mount St. Mary’s College.

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