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Margie Lymperis


Margie Lymperis

Vice President & General Manager
Customer Research & Targeting
Integras Consulting

Over the past 13 years, Margie has worked with a variety of Claritas clients across the Media & Agency, Retail, Communications & Energy, and Financial Services industries. She currently manages the Customer Research & Targeting practice of Integras Consulting, a division of Claritas Inc. In this role, Margie and her team apply research tools, custom segmentation and scoring models to impact clients’ customer acquisition, cross-sell & retention efforts.

Prior to joining Claritas, Margie worked at Synovate (formerly Market Facts) for five years. As a Statistical Consultant, she analyzed marketing problems relating to product development, brand positioning, and market definition using a variety of statistical methods. Prior to this position, Margie was a Research Analyst responsible for all phases of a primary research study from questionnaire design to data analyses.

Margie earned a B.S. in Statistics from theUniversity of Illinois, Champaign in 1985

She received her M.B.A in Marketing/Finance, from the University of Chicago in 1990

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