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Data Analytics - Advanced

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Listed below are the Data University webinars that we recommend you watch and learn from if you are trying to gain an in-depth insight into the area of Data Analytics.

A Modern Approach to RFM Segmentation

It is webinar Roy Wollen provides a modern approach to RFM segmentation.  Roy shares when to use traditional Recency, Frequency, Monetary value segmentation and  when to use predictive models.  You will understand how to create one RFM score for each customer and avoid cumbersome cell-based segmentation.  You’ll also learn to do RFM for yourself without the aid of high priced statisticians or analysts. Roy will also provide ideas on how to grow your business through these types of analyses.

Roy Wollen
An Introduction to Neural Networks

This webinar provides an introduction to neural networks. Gene will provide an overview of predictive modeling that will help you understand how neural networks fit into your analytical tool bag. He will also provide a description of neural networks in comparison to other techniques such as rule-based models, regression and genetic algorithms. Gene will show how data sampling and neural nets can reduce error during the model development stage.

Gene Ferruzza
Creating and Communicating Value

Randy Hlavac shares how to drive your marketing efforts through Value Driven Marketing.  In this webinar, Randy will share his rationale for Value Driven Marketing while sharing how to: Identify Value, Quantify Value, Deliver Value, Measure Value and Communicate Value to accomplish your marketing objectives.  Additionally, Randy shares related value “Case Examples” to bring the idea of Value Driven Marketing to life.

Randy Hlavac
External Data: Enhancing Prospect and Customer Targeting

In this webinar, Ron Marsh discusses external data and enhancing prospects for customer targeting.  Ron is the Founder and President of Audience Identification.  Ron’s goal with the creation of Audience Identification was that he would develop a company was small enough to provide individual service but large enough to handle the biggest of projects is on the industry leaders. For this presentation, Ron shares his insights into how to use data for prospecting and acquisition programs.

Ron Marsh
Predictive Modeling: Genetic Algorithms

Genetic algorithms have been used successfully in direct marketing to predict response, conversion and fraud.  It is a technique that Doug Newell explains very well in this webinar.  Doug, a seasoned database marketing professional, provides insight into Predictive Modeling, Techniques, an introduction to Genetic Algorithms, Building Models with Genetic Algorithms and delivers a Case Study utilizing Genetic Algorithms.

Doug Newell
Quantitative Approaches for Segmenting Lists

Olivia Par-Rud has effectively used quantitative techniques for list selections for years.  She is an established author and practitioner.  In this webinar, Olivia shares her insight into segmenting and selecting lists.  She shares how to Define Your Goals, Details Types of List Data Available, Shares the Sources of List Data, Provides Descriptive and Predictive Techniques for Analyses, Details Case Studies and Provides Inside Tips.

Olivia Rud
Integration of Focus Groups & Survey Research into Loyalty Marketing

Primary research plays a key role in customer marketing.  In this webinar, Brad Rukstales defines: The key role that primary research can play in Retention Marketing, How Primary research can reduce customer defection, How to leverage primary research within customer segments and shares case studies of primary research in action within Retention Marketing.


Brad Rukstales
Conjoint and Market Basket Analyses

Conjoint and market basket analyses are specialty analytical tools used more and more by database and direct marketers. Conjoint Analysis is used to create products with the highest potential to attract a specific target market. Market-basket analyses allow marketers to identify the best partners for relationship marketing efforts. This session will examine these two analytical processes. Specifically Randy, will share how to use Conjoint Analysis to develop new products and services to maximize price and profits. Randy will also give an overview of how market-basket analyses can assist in developing marketing partners to the benefit of both organizations.

Randy Hlavac
Real Time Analytics