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Listed below are the Data University webinars that we recommend you watch and learn from if you are trying to gain more in-depth insight into the area of Customer Relationship Managment (CRM).

Growth and Retention Solutions: The Value of Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

Now that you have the customer, what do you do to offer the next product?  Having a strategy in place is key to building customer loyalty and, ultimately, larger profits.  In this webinar, Mark Kovscek details how to develop successful cross sell and up-sell strategies from a quantitative approach.  Mark will share how you can use a variety of techniques to cross sell, up-sell and retain your current customers effectively.  Finally, through case studies, Mark will share how to implement these applications within your marketing world.

Mark Kovscek
Increasing ROI of your database with rules based marketing

In this webinar, Darcey Bevelacqua shares about increasing your database return on investment (ROI) with rules-based marketing.  First she defines rules-based marketing and then provides case studies to share how to apply rules base marketing to increase your marketing efforts.

Darcy Bevelacqua
10 Winning Strategies to Drive Customer Value and Loyalty In Retail Marketing

In this webinar, Chris Moloney shares 10 winning strategies to drive customer value and loyalty in retail marketing. Chris also shares 10 examples of great loyalty leaders and the keys to creating the discipline of customer retention. Finally, he shares some unique innovations and opportunities in retail loyalty marketing and provides some amazing loyalty findings.

Chris Moloney
Building Greater Customer Lifetime Value. Increasing Portfolio Value One Customer At A Time

Most professionals understand why they should calculate customer and portfolio value.  But often there is a breakdown and the quality of execution.  And in most cases, valuable information is not leveraged to increase overall portfolio value. This webinar will address the “How To’s” of measuring customer value and how to use that information to increase portfolio value.  Practical examples are used to illustrate the concepts presented by Martin Thomas and Jeff Fread.

Martin Thomas & Jeff Fread
CRM: A Business Perspective

In this webinar, Robert Bellomy defines many CRM fundamentals such as what is CRM, why real time information access is critical to developing a good CRM system, why it is necessary to gain total organization commitment, ideas for segmenting your customers, how to create a customer strategy, the closed loop process and defines a touch point alignment.  Robert also shares two case studies detailing how CRM was successfully implemented.

Robert Bellomy
Identifying the Best Customers to Retain

In this webinar, Martin Thomas discusses a value-based approach to database marketing, a framework for measuring customer value and guidelines for calculating value for retention programs.  Retention programs refer to any program designed to enhance value by solidifying customer relationships.  As Martin defines, this could mean, Selling new products, Changing features of existing products (terms, rates), Providing incentives for usage of products, or Effective retention that requires a clear understanding of customer value.  Martin shares these insights through two case studies: Case Study (1) Turning profitability measures into useful information for retention purposes and, Case Study (2) A Mortgage retention program.

Martin Thomas
Growth and Retention: Keeping the Good & Making Them Better

The value of highest tier customers can average on a ratio of 73:1 when compared to casual customers.  Retaining these elite customers and growing customers through cross sell, up-sell and superior service can improve profitability 25 to 100%.  In this webinar, Mark Kovscek shares how to keep the good customers and make them better.  He provides industry perspectives on growth and retention and how to establish a growth and retention baseline while, demonstrating a business case for cross sell and retention through an analytical approach.

Mark Kovscek
Cross-sell & Up-sell Strategies Using Segmentation

Pressures on organizations are increasing.  There are new entrants to the market compete for the same pool of clients.  Costs to acquire a new customer are increasing. Traditional marketing methods no longer produce acceptable revenue streams. And, unprofitable clients destroy revenue margins.  Businesses need to attract, retain, and grow a profitable client base in a tough marketing environment.  In this webinar, Margie Lymperis discusses how incorporating segmentation data provides more implementation solutions while increasing knowledge about your customers within your company.

Margie Lymperis
Real Time Analytics