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Electronic Marketing Insights

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Listed below are the Data University webinars that we recommend you watch and learn from if you are trying to gain more insight into the area of Electronic Marketing.

Marketing To Communities

Communities are different than market segments. Community members can tell you which communities they are part of, segment members cannot.  How are you maximizing communities in your business?  Today, markets consist of dynamic communities formed by individuals based on common needs, wants, and inches.  In this webinar, Randy Hlavac discusses how to implement community marketing strategies.  Randy discusses how segmentation as we know it is dead, and relationships are much broader than currently defined.  He will share that marketing models are evolving where the marketing goal is to become the trusted gateway to relevant communities.

Randy Hlavac
Integrated Marketing: The Role of Email & the Web in Multi-channel Marketing

In this webinar, you will learn how to improve your odds for success by increasing your deliverability in the e-mail marketing channel. Reggie Brady will provide tips for good design a content development. Reggie also provides six specific tactics you can put to work to improve performance. Finally, Reggie shares how to benchmark your success by implementing metrics that will be key to measuring the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Reggie Brady
What Do The Best Multi-Channel Marketers Know (and when did they know it?)

In this webinar, Roy Woolen, President and Founder of Database Marketing Consulting, Inc., provides his insights into database marketing industry. In this interview, Roy speaks about multi-channel marketing efforts and where he envisions the industry going in the next 10 years. Through this interview, Roy shares his industry perspective that includes the use of direct mail, ideas about how companies should align their marketing efforts into one acquisition and cross sell segment, and thoughts about the most creative ideas occurring online today. Additionally, Roy will share how electronic communities are becoming one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Roy Wollen
Integrated Digital Marketing: How Search & Email Should Work Together For Maximum Response

E-mail is widely regarded as the best performing online customer retention tool. Search engine marketing is the best performing and fastest-growing online customer acquisition vehicle to optimize the customer experience and maximize revenues. In this webinar, Kevin Johnson shares how search and e-mail should work together to produce maximum response. He will share how to digitally use data integration, campaign synchronization and e-mail within search to increase your bottom line profits.

Kevin Johnson
10 Silver Bullets to Spike Email Marketing Effectiveness

In this webinar Barry Stamos identifies 10 silver bullets to spike e-mail marketing effectiveness.  Barry shares the do’s and don’ts to advance the success of your e-mail marketing.  He shares proven acquisition conversion and retention strategies, and provides insights as to how you can accomplish higher opens, clicks and increase commerce through your e-mail marketing efforts.

Barry Stamos
Email Marketing: Segmentation & Optimization Techniques

Are using the most current multi-channel marketing trends to attract new customers?  Are you combining channels in the most efficient way possible?  In this webinar Reggie Brady will share her insights into website tips and e-mail usage and discuss how to best integrate e-mail with other marketing channels.  You will learn the current multi-channel marketing trends and understand how e-mail can be used with other marketing channels to enhance the customer experience.  Reggie will share how others are doing it and critique real companies’ techniques.

Reggie Brady
Intelligent E-mail: Marketing Creative Development and Assessment

In this webinar, Brian Handrigan defines the Intelligent email Marketing Model, the components of an Affective email Marketing Plan, and The use of testing & audience targeting to drive creative & messaging.  Brian also provides a Campaign Assessment – (1) What the heck is a “Response” in the world of email, (2) They opened the email, “What Next”, (3) Additional uses of email in developing customer relationships.  Finally, Brian utilizes a case study to share how all the attributes of the email campaign should be incorporated.

Brian Handrigan
Building Sales Relationships with Web Cruisers

In this session, Randy Hlavac will share strategies and tactics to turn visitors into customers via the web.  Randy will define how to understand the differences between company & customer initiated marketing activities, explain the 5 marketing components necessary to drive a customer-initiated marketing system, explore the differences in B-to-B and B-to-C marketing when the customer/prospect is in control and discuss timelines necessary to implement a complete marketing program.  He summarizes by sharing how the implementation of these marketing strategies allows you to maximize the value of customer-initiated marketing activities.

Randy Hlavac
Profit Elevation with Inbound Marketing

This presentation is delivered by marketing industry veteran, George Bardenheier. He is President of Notch Interactive, a Chicago based online marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses grow their profits through the Inbound Marketing methodology. In this presentation, George goes through the four different phases of Inbound Marketing. These phases are: 1. Attracting website visitors to a client site with search engine optimization, keyword marketing and social media 2. Converting those visitors to interested prospects with calls to action, landing pages and contact forms 3. Engaging and educating those prospects and then converting them to satisfied clients with content marketing and email marketing 4. Growing more business by getting referrals from existing clients using social media and reviews.

George Bardenheier
Real Time Analytics