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Prospecting Efforts

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Listed below are the Data University webinars that we recommend you watch and learn from if you are trying to gain more insight into the area of Prospecting for new customers.

Prospecting Databases

In this webinar, database marketer Arthur Hughes explains how you can develop higher acquisition rates at a lower cost. He explains how prospect databases can be used to out perform list rentals in the consumer acquisition environment. Arthur explains why modeled lists can be better than target list selects and why many companies are building prospect databases to enhance their acquisition efforts.

Arthur M. Hughes
Consumer Prospect Databases: 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

Caryn Gray is an experienced professional in the database marketing industry.  In this webinar she provides insight into the top 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy a prospect database.  This webinar is very insightful because of issues such as List fatigue, No new names on market, Shorten lead-times, Timely campaign measurement, Contact frequency thresholds, Corporate- versus title/brand-level, Peripheral vision – everyone else is doing it/play or perish.

Caryn Gray
Prospecting for Profit

Mailing from individual lists and multiple data sources can create timing problems and response management issues. Re-mailing people who have already responded or purchased is detrimental to all marketing efforts. Without a database, every mailing is an event, requiring long lead times to implement.  Join author Richard Tooker as he examines how to prospect in an efficient and effective method.  Learn how to maximize your marketing dollars by targeting consumers most likely to buy and why Richard identified prospect database techniques work

Richard Tooker
Building a Better Prospect Universe: How Advanced Analytics Helped a Major Non-Profit Improve Its Direct Marketing Programs

In this webinar, you will learn how advanced analytics help a major nonprofit organization improve marketing programs. Also you will learn how to identify the donors with the highest lifetime value resulted in higher net, response rates and increased average donations. Also you will learn to preserve limited marketing dollars by eliminating solicitations to prospective donors with a low likelihood of response.

Dwight Emery
Clone Modeling for Customer Acquisition

Developing look-a-like models is a very popular method for acquiring new customers effectively.   In this webinar, Brad Rukstales defines an Acquisition Marketing Analytic Methodology, discusses list selection using pre-selects (CHAID), defines Clone modeling – techniques and applications and discusses the danger of model bias.

Brad Rukstales
Firm Offer Marketing Programs: Pre Approved Offers

In this webinar, Michael Schneider provides detailed insight into conducting firm offer marketing campaigns.  Michael discusses some of the regulations regarding these programs and discusses several of the key cases that have been decided regarding firm offers of credit.  Additionally, Michael discusses managing the firm offer marketing program.  It is webinar you will learn why firm offer programs have changed over the years.  You will also understand the differences between firm offers of credit and Invitations To Apply offers.

Michael Schneider
Prospect Databases: What They Don't Teach You In Graduate School

Jonathan Cohn provides a very detailed checklist of what you need to build a prospect database.  He begins with a checklist of “Your Vision” of success, continues with what you will need before getting started, the types of data you need to consider and the types of hygiene necessary for a successful prospect database implementation.


Jonathan Cohn
Foundation Analysis:  Understanding the Data and Profiling

In this Webinar, Mark Graham provides details into conducting a customer profile.  Graham addresses: Identifying the reasons to conduct a profile analysis, Reviews the components of a profile analysis, Shares how to develop a “picture” of your customer base, Provides insight into how to use CHAID to develop a list selection strategy, Shares how to create “look-a-like” models using regression and How to use profile programs to establish a cross sell program.

Mark Graham
Real Time Analytics