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Expert Webinar Series
College of Social Media & Digital Marketing     
Title   Speaker
Marketing To Communities   Randy Hlavac
The Role of Social Media in Today’s Marketing Mix   Scott Hildebrand
Viral Marketing -- How To Make it Contagious   Sherrie Perkovich
Developing A Social Media Strategy: The Road Ahead   Darcy Bevelacqua
Social Media 101 -- Just the Basics   Sherrie Perkovich
Introduction to Mobile Marketing   Steve Snyder
Developing a Profitable Social Media Strategy   Patrick Garmoe
Web Analytics 101   Tom Ponosuk
Marketing In The Facebook Era   Clara Shih, Ryon Harms and Frank Jamieson
Mobile Marketing with Apps   Nader Nejat and Adam Berman
Search Marketing: A Practical Approach with Case Studies (Wells Fargo, VMWare & HP)   Doug Loots, Jeannine Seremi & Florence Su
Profit Elevation with Inbound Marketing   George Bardenheier
The Anatomy of Online Advertising   Michael Ouellette
Real Time Bidding -- An Overview   Michael Ouellette
The 5 Marketing Revolutions
   Randy Hlavac
Winning The Social Video Space Race   Barry Stamos
360 Degree Customer Experience: A Practical Approach to Holistic CX   Valerie Peck
Best Practices in Customer Journey Mapping   Anne Cramer
Execution on Your Customer Experience Strategy   Anne Cramer
Programmatic Advertising 101   Evan Wallach
College of Interactive & Multi-Channel Marketing 
Title   Speaker
Integrated Marketing: The Role of Email & the Web in Multi-channel Marketing   Reggie Brady
Developing Effective Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies for the Decentralized Organization   Steve Scruton
Building Sales Relationships with Web Cruisers   Randy Hlavac
Retention Email: Techniques You Should Be Using NOW!   Reggie Brady
E-Mail Marketing In A Changing World   Bennet Kelley & John Ardis
10 Silver Bullets to Spike Email Marketing Effectiveness   Barry Stamos
Targeting Customers Through Multi-Channels: What Do They Want and How Do They Want It?   Christine Anderson & John Ripa
Email Marketing for Success   Rachel Bergman
Integrated Digital Marketing: How Search & Email Should Work Together For Maximum Response   Kevin Johnson
Fueling Growth by Integrating Multi-Channel Data   Marianne Llewellyn
Email Best Practices : The Agency Prospective!   Barry Stamos
What Do The Best Multi-Channel Marketers Know (and when did they know it?)   Roy Wollen
Engagement Marketing: Growing Market Share in a World Controlled by the Consumer   Randy Hlavac
Lost and Found -- Turning Site Visitors from Deserters to Converters   John Ardis
Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies to Help Your Clients Succeed in a Multi-Channel World   Lou Mastria
Measuring Email Marketing Success: Intelligent Data Mining for Higher ROI   Stephanie Miller
Incorporating Microsites into Your Marketing Mix   Sherrie Perkovich
College of Core Competencies 
Title   Speaker
The Proper Uses of Credit Data (Not Just for Financial Services Professionals)   Bob Frady
Lifestyle, Psychographic and Other Niche Data   Craig Wood
New Census, New Data: A Look at the 2010 Census Data   Ken Hodges
25 Ways to Succeed in Database Marketing   Richard Tooker
Data Types and Their Applications   Elissa deBrito & Amy Rohan
Details of the Data   Sandy McCray
The Uniqueness of Data Sources   Sam Cardonsky, Dave Freed, Sheri Lewis Paul
Effective Applications of Credit Data   Michael Pooley
Database Solutions that Provide Continuous Learning   William Fayerweather
Prospecting for Profit   Richard Tooker
Prospect Databases: What They Don't Teach You In Graduate School   Jonathan Cohn
Consumer Prospect Databases: 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy   Caryn Gray
Prospecting Databases   Arthur M. Hughes
Selecting Lists That Boost Response Rates   Sheri Paul
The Importance and Significance of Data Quality   Don Hinman
Putting Consumer Trends to Work for Direct Marketing Success   Walker Smith
An Interview with Jim Wheaton (Part 1)   Jim Wheaton
An Interview with Jim Wheaton (Part 2)   Jim Wheaton
Firm Offer Marketing Programs: Pre Approved Offers   Michael Schneider
College of CRM 
Title   Speaker
CRM: Perception verses reality   Michael Hoffman
Using A Customer Contact Center To Your Advantage   Martin Prunty
Data Mining and the Link to CRM   Kurtis Ruf
Customer Centric CRM   Darcy Bevelacqua
Customer Intelligence Systems and Their Marketing Applications   Jonas Berlin
Key Goals and Trends of Loyalty Initiatives   Chris Moloney
Identifying the Best Customers to Retain   Martin Thomas
Leveraging Customer Data to Drive Business Decisions   Valerie Gopinath
The Role of RFM (Even for Those Using Statistics-Based Predictive Models)   John Miglautsch
Best Practices in Marketing Automation and Marketing Analytics: A CRM Approach   Tony Agresta
CRM: A Practical Approach   Andy Cutler
CRM: A Business Perspective   Robert Bellomy
Acquisition Direct Marketing Case Studies: DATA & WEB ENABLED CAMPAIGN EXECUTION   Steve Scruton
Prospect Models Techniques   John Miglautsch
Best-in-Class Customer Loyalty & Advocacy Strategies   Chris Moloney
Building Greater Customer Lifetime Value. Increasing Portfolio Value One Customer At A Time   Martin Thomas & Jeff Fread
Retail CRM: A Roundtable Discussion   Francey Smith, John Goodman & Claude Johnson
10 Winning Strategies to Drive Customer Value and Loyalty In Retail Marketing   Chris Moloney
Increasing ROI of your database with rules based marketing   Darcy Bevelacqua
CRM: Leveraging Customer Information for More Effective Selling   Daniel P. Strunk
The Truth About Marketing Applications   Alvin Collins
Building A Successful Business Case For CRM   Sandra Gudat and Chris Hamlin
Growth and Retention Solutions: The Value of Cross-Sell and Up-Sell   Mark Kovscek
The Art and Science of Cross Selling   Frances Barry
Say the Right Thing   Gayle Davey
Industry Perspective: An Interview with Roy Wollen   Roy Wollen
College of Information Processing 
Title   Speaker
Lifetime Value Analysis: The Entire Lifecycle   Jim Wheaton
Data Integrity and Hygiene: Critical Foundation for Success   Dan Wells
Merge/Purge & Other Processes. Including Their Impact On Marketing & Measurement   Jim Wheaton
Advanced Processes for Maximizing Postal Discounts   Dennis Kooker
Optimizing Match Accuracy for a Fast, Ongoing Lift to Marketing ROI   Ed Allburn
Discounts and Deliverability with Addressing Tools   Sherry Francisco and George McHale
Don't take your vendor's word for it. How do you know when your database is clean?   Roy Wollen
Postal Coding for Data Quality   Bill Moore
Addressing the Issues   Doug King
College of Marketing & Communications 
Title   Speaker
Interactive Marketing and List Usage   Steve Dexter
Working with List Brokers and Managers   Pete Carney
Relationships and the Creative Process   Randi Wine
Using Words to Drive Direct Marketing: The Essentials of DM Copywriting   Tom Freeman
Developing a Creative Strategic Plan   Greg Bruner
Circulation Planning: The Requisites   Cynthia Wheaton
Optimizing Marketing Communication with Quantitative Analysis   Maurice Parisian & Brian Handrigan
Motivating Creative That Drives Purchasing Behavior   Lisa Freeman & Tom Klug
Email Marketing: Segmentation & Optimization Techniques   Reggie Brady
Intelligent E-mail: Marketing Creative Development and Assessment   Brian Handrigan
ROM$ (Return on Marketing Dollars)   Mike Naples
The Direct Paradigm - the 5 Most Guarded Secrets for Putting Your Database to Work for You in the Mail   Doug King
Creating and Communicating Value   Randy Hlavac
Developing A Cross-Sell Program In A B2B Environment   Heather Hudetz
Using Customer Segmentation to Drive Creative Strategy   Bill Schneider and Sandra Gudat
The Value of Direct Mail   Greg Whiteman
Mail Works. With your Data, With Your Media Plan, With Your Customer Communication   George McHale
12 CREATIVE Steps to your Successful Direct Marketing Effort EVER   Carol Worthington-Levy
Measurement: The Distance Between Failure and Success   Grant A. Johnson
Integrated Marketing: Looking at Your Sales Channels   John Miglautsch
Marketing Trends Today   Grant Johnson
Tools to Assist in the Creative Process   Greg Bruner and Mark Graham
College of Privacy 
Title   Speaker
Privacy Legislation and the Use of Lists   Dan Goldstein
Privacy Law and Legislation: An Understanding (2003)   Dan Goldstein
Privacy Chaos in the Fifty States   Emily Hackett
Information Practice and Privacy: The Data Flow Map   Margaret Alston
Risk Management in Email Marketing: CAN-SPAM and Other Issues   Bennet Kelley & Dan Goldstein
Consumer Privacy: Managing Risk, Gaining Trust, Improving Your Market Effectiveness   Dan Goldstein & Robert McKim
The Legislative and Regulatory Landscape for Direct Marketers in Congress and the State   Tony Hadley
California Legislation: The First Domino?   Emily Hackett
Privacy for Direct Marketers   Alan Chapell
Data Security: Translating Legal Requirements into Internal Policies   Cathy Bump
The Right Recipe for Information Governance: How to Use Measuring Cups and Cooking Tools   Austin Hill
Managing the Risks Related to Privacy and Security   Jennifer Barrett
How to Generate and Enhance Customer Trust   Michele DeMaree
Life in the Era of Unreasonable Expectations   Peggy Eisenhauer
International Information Security and Privacy Control Management In An Outsourced World   Robert McKim
Offshoring Customer Information: Privacy and Security Legal Issues   Reece Hirsch
State Child Protection Registries   Elise Berkower
Building A Compliance Program   Denise Mainquist
Evolving Privacy Issues and Concerns   Jennifer Barrett Glasgow
College of Research & Analysis 
Title   Speaker
External Data: Enhancing Prospect and Customer Targeting   Ron Marsh
Quantitative Approaches for Segmenting Lists   Olivia Rud
Foundation Analysis: Understanding the Data and Profiling   Mark Graham
Grouping Tools, Including CHAID: Applications and Benefits   Ron Marsh
Predictive Modeling: Regression Analysis   Olivia Rud
Predictive Modeling: Genetic Algorithms   Doug Newell
Integration of Focus Groups & Survey Research into Loyalty Marketing   Brad Rukstales
Cross-sell & Up-sell Strategies Using Segmentation   Margie Lymperis
Understanding Your Customer: A Quantitative Approach   Steve Briley
Capturing the Touchpoints: Database 101   Jim Wheaton
Segmentation Systems and Their Use in the Prospecting Process   Tiffany Weatherly
Enhancing Your Bottom Line Through Lifetime Value   Olivia Rud & Jim Wheaton
Analytical Techniques: A Primer to Success   Dave Berry & Neil Murphy
Database Marketing Case Studies: A Broad Perspective   Brad Rukstales
Building a Better Prospect Universe: How Advanced Analytics Helped a Major Non-Profit Improve Its Direct Marketing Programs   Dwight Emery
Using Segmentation to Better Target Your Prospects   Sandra Piccillo
Improving Messaging and Product Targeting Using Demographic and Lifestyle Data   Randy Hlavac
Optimize Your Cross Sell Program   Barbara Lewis & Dan Otto
Predictive Modeling for Non-statisticians   Bill Schneider and Lane Ware
Improving Customer Profiling and List Selection with Automated Analytics Based on Genetic Algorithms   Dwight Emery & Frank Days
Clone Modeling for Customer Acquisition   Brad Rukstales
An Overview of Predictive Modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner   Olivia Parr-Rud
An Introduction to Neural Networks   Gene Ferruzza
Conjoint and Market Basket Analyses   Randy Hlavac
Boosting Profits by Driving Customer Lifetime Value   Barbara Lewis & Dan Otto
Case Studies of Successful Application of Lifetime Value   Ron Marsh
Growth and Retention: Keeping the Good & Making Them Better   Mark Kovscek
Measuring your Customer Retention Marketing Efforts: Best Practices Case Study   Brad Rukstales
Using Econometrics to Boost Revenues, Profits & CLV   Barbara Lewis and Daniel Otto
Interactive Analytics from a Sales Perspective   Tony Agresta
A Modern Approach to RFM Segmentation   Roy Wollen
Database Marketing Industry Perspectives: Analytical Approaches   Doug Newell
Who Is Afraid of Big Bad Data: A Machine Learning Approach   Doug Newell
Marketing Attribution Evaluating Marketing Touch Points On The Customer’s Path To Conversion   Kurt Seemar & Trich Schultz
A Data Driven Approach to Multichannel Attribution   Qizhi Wei


360o Customer Experience: A Practical Approach to Holistic CX




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