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Data University Consulting

Data University equips your managers and key people to overcome the challenges facing companies that utilize data to accomplish marketing objectives. We examine each client from the foundation up, and determine the answers to the important database marketing questions:

  • Does your internal data possess the depth and breadth to accomplish your targeting goals?
  • For gaps, how can remedies be implemented in the most cost-effective way?
  • Is data enhancement necessary? If so, how?
  • Looking ahead, how will our data purchase recommendations create powerful marketing opportunities and effective communications?

The intelligence we deliver, derived from available data, can reshape your future marketing programs and measurably increase your efficiency. Knowledge, skillfully and systematically applied to individual, actionable situations, is the answer we provide.

Consulting with our faculty

Data University offers specialists in every area of database marketing, as well as thought leaders from specific industries. Working closely with you, we are committed to design custom solutions to meet your marketing objectives.

When hands-on advice is required, our faculty members deliver their vast "best-practices" experience and actionable recommendations to our clients to optimize:

  • Strategy development;
  • Data analysis and insight;
  • Financial metrics;
  • Proprietary product development specific to each client's industry and organization.

To accomplish overall business objectives through increased database marketing efficiency, we deliver custom consulting with recommendations to optimize acquisition, cross-sell and retention strategies, development and enhancement of prospect databases, analytical guidance, predictive modeling and segmentation.


guy_at_computer_40Better equip yourself and your associates by learning from Data University subject matter experts in these specific areas. You should expect to enhance your skill and knowledge levels, while generating many ideas that will help your organization become more profitable.

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