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Valerie Gopinath


Valérie Gopinath

Senior Analytic Manager

Valérie has over 8 years consulting experience and specializes in applying statistical methods to support development of business strategies. She has consulted to the retail, health care, financial services, and telecommunication industries. Her analyses include predictive modeling for audience selection, correspondence and cluster analysis for customer segmentation, demand estimation, value perception modeling and simulation, and conjoint analysis.

In addition to developing and implementing analytic approaches, she has extensive experience in SAS programming and has led the application of scoring algorithms to client databases at several large banking institutions. At PreVision, her projects have included merchandise segmentations as well as extensive test design and measurement plans, working with such organizations as Gap, Woolworths Financial/South Africa, and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Prior to joining PreVision, Valerie was an Associate in the Marketing Science Unit of Mercer Management Consulting. Her experience also includes statistical analysis and SAS programming for an environmental consulting firm as well as completing her Master in Mathematical Statistics.

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