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Chris Moloney


Chris X. Moloney

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Wells Fargo Advisors

Chris is Senior Vice Presient, Chief Marketing Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors.  His specialities include: internet media, web, interactive marketing, SEM, SEO. Branding, CRM, loyalty marketing, creative strategy, business strategic planning, marketing negotiations and budgeting, segmentation. Financial services and investment marketing, bank marketing, credit card marketing, B2C and B2C marketing and incentives, retail loyalty marketing. Market research, reporting and analytics, web analytics. Satisfaction and NPS/Net Promoter Score research. Channel marketing (e.g. financial advisors, brokers).

Chris is widely recognized in the industry as a leading speaker, strategist and visionary on customer loyalty and customer-centric business management. Chris was given the title of the “New Voice of Loyalty Marketing” in 2002 by the Institute for International Research (IIR). Chris is widely sought after on the national speaking circuit, making over 30 appearances as the chairperson and/or key speaker at major marketing events, including; the American Marketing Association’s national conferences, the AMA Executive Insights series, the Thomson Financial Card Forum and ATM/Debit Forum, the Customer Centricity Forum, the US Financial Services Marketing Symposium, ABA and BAI retail banking conferences, numerous IIR marketing conferences, the National Center For Database Marketing conference, as well as the Digital Consulting Institute’s CRM Leadership Summits.

Over the past 10 years, Chris has led senior management teams with strategic and operational oversight of more than fifty leading customer loyalty programs. Chris has also led the development of numerous industry innovations that have become widely used in the field of customer loyalty and retention marketing.

Since 2002, Chris has had more than 200 national media appearances in TV, radio and print, including: CNBC Business Center, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, American Banker, the Dow Jones News Service, USA Today, BusinessWeek, Public Radio International, and NewsProNet syndication, on subjects including: customer value analysis, new customer loyalty strategies, CRM, financial services marketing trends, innovative rewards, customer-centric strategies, one-to-one communications, and new segmentation techniques.

Chris has been recognized for many years as an industry expert on customer loyalty and retention in financial services, enterprise banking and card marketing. Chris has provided strategic customer retention, loyalty, and value analysis consultation to 14 of the top 20 banks in the U.S. In addition to financial services, Chris has been deeply involved in the development of new and innovative loyalty marketing solutions in the consumer retail, hospitality, electronics, packaged goods, telecommunications and automotive industries.

Prior to joining Parago, Chris held senior management positions at Maritz Loyalty Marketing—a leading provider of customer loyalty programs and research. During his tenure, he became widely recognized as the chief industry visionary and strategist. Chris also led the consumer marketing strategy and operations group for Meridian Enterprises, a national rewards marketing firm. Chris has been recognized and received awards for designing and launching award-winning marketing programs for Fortune 500 clients including: Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank, Bank One, Fleet Bank, Nestlé Purina, Baymont Inns & Suites, Wells Fargo, Discover Card, Sherwin-Williams, Sprint and HP/Compaq Computers. Chris also has many years of experience designing and managing major programs for an advertising agency and two daily newspapers, including Gannett Company, Inc., the publisher of USA Today.

Additionally, Chris has been an adjunct professor at Lindenwood University, where he specialized in MBA coursework on international marketing, marketing strategy, and marketing research. Chris holds a Master of Business Administration from Lindenwood University and a Bachelor of Business and Marketing from Missouri State University. Chris is also PhD. candidate at St. Louis University.

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