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College of CRM


Tony Agresta   Best Practices in Marketing Automation and Marketing Analytics: A CRM Approach
Frances Barry   The Art and Science of Cross Selling
Darcy Bevelacqua   Customer Centric CRM
Robert Bellomy   CRM: A Business Perspective
Jonas Berlin   Customer Intelligence Systems and Their Marketing Applications
Darcy Bevelacqua   Increasing ROI of Your Database with Rules Based Marketing
Alvin Collins   The Truth About Marketing Applications
Andy Cutler   CRM: A Practical Approach
Gayle Davey   Say the Right Thing
Valerie Gopinath   Leveraging Customer Data to Drive Business Decisions
Sandra Gudat and Chris Hamlin   Building A Successful Business Case For CRM
Michael Hoffman   CRM: Perception verses reality
Mark Kovscek   Growth and Retention Solutions: The Value of Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
John Miglautsch   The Role of RFM (Even for Those Using Statistics-Based Predictive Models)
John Miglautsch   Prospect Models Techniques
Chris Moloney   Key Goals and Trends of Loyalty Initiatives
Chris Moloney   Best-in-Class Customer Loyalty & Advocacy Strategies
Chris Moloney   10 Winning Strategies to Drive Customer Value and Loyalty In Retail Marketing
Martin Prunty   Using A Customer Contact Center To Your Advantage
Kurtis Ruf   Data Mining and the Link to CRM
Steve Scruton   Acquisition Direct Marketing Case Studies: Data and Web Enabled Campaign Execution
Francey Smith, John Goodman & Claude Johnson   Retail CRM: A Roundtable Discussion
Daniel P. Strunk   CRM: Leveraging Customer Information for More Effective Selling
Martin Thomas   Identifying the Best Customers to Retain
Martin Thomas & Jeff Fread   Building Greater Customer Lifetime Value. Increasing Portfolio Value One Customer At A Time
Roy Wollen   Industry Perspective: An Interview with Roy Wollen


guy_at_computer_40Better equip yourself and your associates by learning from Data University subject matter experts in these specific areas. You should expect to enhance your skill and knowledge levels, while generating many ideas that will help your organization become more profitable.

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