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Mike V. Naples

Mike V. Naples

Direct Marketing Specialist

United States Postal Service

Mike Naples has 22 years of Postal Service experience, the last 18 years in Marketing or Sales. He is currently working as a Direct Marketing Specialist, USPS Headquarters, working in the Dallas area. Mike has served on special assignments helping to develop customer relationship management software and as a national instructor.

Over eight years ago the USPS recognized the need for product specific specialists to promote the continued growth of Direct Marketing. A team was created that could speak the language of marketing professionals, listen to their concerns and needs, and assist them in any and every way possible in their understanding and use of direct mail. As part of that team, Mike has worked with clients such as Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Dell Computers and hundreds of others.

The USPS patented Return on Marketing Dollars (ROM$,) a software program co-developed by Mike. It has been featured by the Postal Service at national trade shows including the DMA shows, COMDEX, ANA Seminars, Mailcom, National Postal Forums, several regional Ad Clubs and the International Conference for Entrepreneurial Development.

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