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Randy Hlavac

Randy Hlavac

Randy Hlavac

Lecturer Professor in Digital, Social & Mobile Marketing
Medill IMC Northwestern University

CEO - Marketing Synergy, Inc.

My passion is helping students and organizations develop social marketing strategies which provide bottom line results. We also work with them to increase their professional Klout by deploying great Content Strategies. Today, linking with people using social and mobile is the way to develop your business and connect with thought leaders who are shaping the future.

My book - Social IMC - examines the 3 Social Strategies organizations can use to design, develop, deploy, measure & justify their social investment. It uses proven strategies and best-of-breed examples from all over the world. You can see it at

Skilled in Radian6, Omniture, IBM Digital and Social Analytics Suite, Coremetrics, Big Data systems. I am also skilled in using free and for-fee based social monitoring systems to identify key influencers within high value markets for B2B and B2C clients.

Randy is also Founder & CEO of  Marketing Synergy, a market consulting company specializing in marketing analytics. Marketing Synergy assists companies in turning data into information to value markets, drive high impact relationship and acquisition marketing programs, and create marketing database systems to continually measure individuals and define & measure key target markets. Marketing Synergy employs 5 consultants located throughout the country and focuses on both B-2-B and B-2-C marketing companies.

Prior to starting MSI, Randy was Director of Marketing Research Services at MetroMail where he created the Data Mining group in Chicago. Prior to MetroMail, Randy was director of marketing research at TRW – Target Marketing Services and was an assistant vice-president of database marketing at Mutual of Omaha.

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