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Individual Webinar Subscription $599.99
Cal State $79.98
The Sample Pack $350.00
College of Social Media & Digital Marketing
Marketing To Communities Randy Hlavac $39.99
The Role of Social Media in Todayís Marketing Mix Scott Hildebrand $39.99
Viral Marketing -- How To Make it Contagious Sherrie Perkovich $39.99
Developing A Social Media Strategy: The Road Ahead Darcy Bevelacqua $39.99
Social Media 101 -- Just the Basics Sherrie Perkovich $39.99
Introduction to Mobile Marketing Steve Snyder $39.99
Developing a Profitable Social Media Strategy Patrick Garmoe $39.99
Web Analytics 101 Tom Ponosuk $39.99
Marketing In The Facebook Era Clara Shih, Ryon Harms and Frank Jamieson $39.99
Mobile Marketing with Apps Nader Nejat and Adam Berman $39.99
Search Marketing: A Practical Approach with Case Studies (Wells Fargo, VMWare & HP) Doug Loots, Jeannine Seremi & Florence Su $39.99
Profit Elevation with Inbound Marketing George Bardenheier $39.99
The Anatomy of Online Advertising Michael Ouellette $39.99
Real Time Bidding -- An Overview Michael Ouellette $39.99
The 5 Marketing Revolutions Randy Hlavac $39.99
Best Practices in Customer Journey Mapping Anne Cramer $39.99
Executing on Your Customer Experience Strategy Anne Cramer $39.99
Winning The Social Video Space Race Barry Stamos $39.99
Programmatic Advertising 101 Evan Wallach $39.99
College of Interactive & Multi-Channel Marketing
Integrated Marketing: The Role of Email & the Web in Multi-channel Marketing Reggie Brady $39.99
Developing Effective Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies for the Decentralized Organization Steve Scruton $39.99
Building Sales Relationships with Web Cruisers Randy Hlavac $39.99
Retention Email: Techniques You Should Be Using NOW! Reggie Brady $39.99
E-Mail Marketing In A Changing World Bennet Kelley & John Ardis $39.99
10 Silver Bullets to Spike Email Marketing Effectiveness Barry Stamos $39.99
Targeting Customers Through Multi-Channels: What Do They Want and How Do They Want It? Christine Anderson & John Ripa $39.99
Email Marketing for Success Rachel Bergman $39.99
Integrated Digital Marketing: How Search & Email Should Work Together For Maximum Response Kevin Johnson $39.99
Fueling Growth by Integrating Multi-Channel Data Marianne Llewellyn $39.99
Email Best Practices : The Agency Prospective! Barry Stamos $39.99
What Do The Best Multi-Channel Marketers Know (and when did they know it?) Roy Wollen $39.99
Engagement Marketing: Growing Market Share in a World Controlled by the Consumer Randy Hlavac $39.99
Lost and Found -- Turning Site Visitors from Deserters to Converters John Ardis $39.99
Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies to Help Your Clients Succeed in a Multi-Channel World Lou Mastria $39.99
Measuring Email Marketing Success: Intelligent Data Mining for Higher ROI Stephanie Miller $39.99
Incorporating Microsites into Your Marketing Mix Sherrie Perkovich $39.99
College of Core Competencies
The Proper Uses of Credit Data (Not Just for Financial Services Professionals) Bob Frady $39.99
Lifestyle, Psychographic and Other Niche Data Craig Wood $39.99
New Census, New Data: A Look at the 2010 Census Data Ken Hodges $39.99
25 Ways to Succeed in Database Marketing Richard Tooker $39.99
Data Types and Their Applications Elissa deBrito & Amy Rohan $39.99
Details of the Data Sandy McCray $39.99
The Uniqueness of Data Sources Sam Cardonsky, Dave Freed, Sheri Lewis Paul $39.99
Effective Applications of Credit Data Michael Pooley $39.99
Database Solutions that Provide Continuous Learning William Fayerweather $39.99
Prospecting for Profit Richard Tooker $39.99
Consumer Prospect Databases: 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Caryn Gray $39.99
Prospect Databases: What They Dont Teach You In Graduate School Jonathan Cohn $39.99
Prospecting Databases Arthur M. Hughes $39.99
Selecting Lists That Boost Response Rates Sheri Paul $39.99
The Importance and Significance of Data Quality Don Hinman $39.99
Putting Consumer Trends to Work for Direct Marketing Success Walker Smith $39.99
An Interview with Jim Wheaton (Part 1) Jim Wheaton $39.99
An Interview with Jim Wheaton (Part 2) Jim Wheaton $39.99
Firm Offer Marketing Programs: Pre Approved Offers Michael Schneider $39.99
College of CRM
CRM: Perception verses reality Michael Hoffman $39.99
Using A Customer Contact Center To Your Advantage Martin Prunty $39.99
Data Mining and the Link to CRM Kurtis Ruf $39.99
Customer Centric CRM Darcy Bevelacqua $39.99
Customer Intelligence Systems and Their Marketing Applications Jonas Berlin $39.99
Key Goals and Trends of Loyalty Initiatives Chris Moloney $39.99
Identifying the Best Customers to Retain Martin Thomas $39.99
Leveraging Customer Data to Drive Business Decisions Valerie Gopinath $39.99
The Role of RFM (Even for Those Using Statistics-Based Predictive Models) John Miglautsch $39.99
Best Practices in Marketing Automation and Marketing Analytics: A CRM Approach Tony Agresta $39.99
CRM: A Practical Approach Andy Cutler $39.99
CRM: A Business Perspective Robert Bellomy $39.99
Acquisition Direct Marketing Case Studies: DATA & WEB ENABLED CAMPAIGN EXECUTION Steve Scruton $39.99
Prospect Models Techniques John Miglautsch $39.99
Best-in-Class Customer Loyalty & Advocacy Strategies Chris Moloney $39.99
Building Greater Customer Lifetime Value. Increasing Portfolio Value One Customer At A Time Martin Thomas & Jeff Fread $39.99
Retail CRM: A Roundtable Discussion Francey Smith, John Goodman & Claude Johnson $39.99
10 Winning Strategies to Drive Customer Value and Loyalty In Retail Marketing Chris Moloney $39.99
Increasing ROI of your database with rules based marketing Darcy Bevelacqua $39.99
CRM: Leveraging Customer Information for More Effective Selling Daniel P. Strunk $39.99
The Truth About Marketing Applications Alvin Collins $39.99
Building A Successful Business Case For CRM Sandra Gudat and Chris Hamlin $39.99
Growth and Retention Solutions: The Value of Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Mark Kovscek $39.99
The Art and Science of Cross Selling Frances Barry $39.99
Say the Right Thing Gayle Davey $39.99
Industry Perspective: An Interview with Roy Wollen Roy Wollen $39.99
Chris Dekle Speaks to the World Chris Dekle $99.99
College of Information Processing
Lifetime Value Analysis: The Entire Lifecycle Jim Wheaton $39.99
Data Integrity and Hygiene: Critical Foundation for Success Dan Wells $39.99
Merge/Purge & Other Processes. Including Their Impact On Marketing & Measurement Jim Wheaton $39.99
Advanced Processes for Maximizing Postal Discounts Dennis Kooker $39.99
Optimizing Match Accuracy for a Fast, Ongoing Lift to Marketing ROI Ed Allburn $39.99
Discounts and Deliverability with Addressing Tools Sherry Francisco and George McHale $39.99
Dont Take Your Vendors Word For It. How do you know when your database is clean? Roy Wollen $39.99
Postal Coding for Data Quality Bill Moore $39.99
Addressing the Issues Doug King $39.99
College of Marketing & Communications
Interactive Marketing and List Usage Steve Dexter $39.99
Working with List Brokers and Managers Pete Carney $39.99
Relationships and the Creative Process Randi Wine $39.99
Using Words to Drive Direct Marketing: The Essentials of DM Copywriting Tom Freeman $39.99
Developing a Creative Strategic Plan Greg Bruner $39.99
Circulation Planning: The Requisites Cynthia Wheaton $39.99
Optimizing Marketing Communication with Quantitative Analysis Maurice Parisian & Brian Handrigan $39.99
Motivating Creative That Drives Purchasing Behavior Lisa Freeman & Tom Klug $39.99
Email Marketing: Segmentation & Optimization Techniques Reggie Brady $39.99
Intelligent E-mail: Marketing Creative Development and Assessment Brian Handrigan $39.99
ROM$ (Return on Marketing Dollars) Mike Naples $39.99
The Direct Paradigm - the 5 Most Guarded Secrets for Putting Your Database to Work for You in the Mail Doug King $39.99
Creating and Communicating Value Randy Hlavac $39.99
Developing A Cross-Sell Program In A B2B Environment Heather Hudetz $39.99
Using Customer Segmentation to Drive Creative Strategy Bill Schneider and Sandra Gudat $39.99
The Value of Direct Mail Greg Whiteman $39.99
Mail Works. With your Data, With Your Media Plan, With Your Customer Communication George McHale $39.99
12 CREATIVE Steps to your Successful Direct Marketing Effort EVER Carol Worthington-Levy $39.99
Measurement: The Distance Between Failure and Success Grant A. Johnson $39.99
Integrated Marketing: Looking at Your Sales Channels John Miglautsch $39.99
Marketing Trends Today Grant Johnson $39.99
Tools to Assist in the Creative Process Greg Bruner and Mark Graham $39.99
College of Privacy
Privacy Legislation and the Use of Lists Dan Goldstein $39.99
Privacy Law and Legislation: An Understanding (2003) Dan Goldstein $39.99
Privacy Chaos in the Fifty States Emily Hackett $39.99
Information Practice and Privacy: The Data Flow Map Margaret Alston $39.99
Risk Management in Email Marketing: CAN-SPAM and Other Issues Bennet Kelley & Dan Goldstein $39.99
Consumer Privacy: Managing Risk, Gaining Trust, Improving Your Market Effectiveness Dan Goldstein & Robert McKim $39.99
The Legislative and Regulatory Landscape for Direct Marketers in Congress and the State Tony Hadley $39.99
California Legislation: The First Domino? Emily Hackett $39.99
Privacy for Direct Marketers Alan Chapell $39.99
Data Security: Translating Legal Requirements into Internal Policies Cathy Bump $39.99
The Right Recipe for Information Governance: How to Use Measuring Cups and Cooking Tools Austin Hill $39.99
Managing the Risks Related to Privacy and Security Jennifer Barrett $39.99
How to Generate and Enhance Customer Trust Michele DeMaree $39.99
Life in the Era of Unreasonable Expectations Peggy Eisenhauer $39.99
International Information Security and Privacy Control Management In An Outsourced World Robert McKim $39.99
Offshoring Customer Information: Privacy and Security Legal Issues Reece Hirsch $39.99
State Child Protection Registries Elise Berkower $39.99
Building A Compliance Program Denise Mainquist $39.99
Evolving Privacy Issues and Concerns Jennifer Barrett Glasgow $39.99
College of Research & Analysis
External Data: Enhancing Prospect and Customer Targeting Ron Marsh $39.99
Quantitative Approaches for Segmenting Lists Olivia Rud $39.99
Foundation Analysis: Understanding the Data and Profiling Mark Graham $39.99
Grouping Tools, Including CHAID: Applications and Benefits Ron Marsh $39.99
Predictive Modeling: Regression Analysis Olivia Rud $39.99
Predictive Modeling: Genetic Algorithms Doug Newell $39.99
Integration of Focus Groups & Survey Research into Loyalty Marketing Brad Rukstales $39.99
Cross-sell & Up-sell Strategies Using Segmentation Margie Lymperis $39.99
Understanding Your Customer: A Quantitative Approach Steve Briley $39.99
Capturing the Touchpoints: Database 101 Jim Wheaton $39.99
Segmentation Systems and Their Use in the Prospecting Process Tiffany Weatherly $39.99
Enhancing Your Bottom Line Through Lifetime Value Olivia Rud & Jim Wheaton $39.99
Analytical Techniques: A Primer to Success Dave Berry & Neil Murphy $39.99
Database Marketing Case Studies: A Broad Perspective Brad Rukstales $39.99
Building a Better Prospect Universe: How Advanced Analytics Helped a Major Non-Profit Improve Its Direct Marketing Programs Dwight Emery $39.99
Using Segmentation to Better Target Your Prospects Sandra Piccillo $39.99
Improving Messaging and Product Targeting Using Demographic and Lifestyle Data Randy Hlavac $39.99
Optimize Your Cross Sell Program Barbara Lewis & Dan Otto $39.99
Predictive Modeling for Non-statisticians Bill Schneider and Lane Ware $39.99
Improving Customer Profiling and List Selection with Automated Analytics Based on Genetic Algorithms Dwight Emery & Frank Days $39.99
Clone Modeling for Customer Acquisition Brad Rukstales $39.99
An Overview of Predictive Modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner Olivia Parr-Rud $39.99
An Introduction to Neural Networks Gene Ferruzza $39.99
Conjoint and Market Basket Analyses Randy Hlavac $39.99
Boosting Profits by Driving Customer Lifetime Value Barbara Lewis & Dan Otto $39.99
Case Studies of Successful Application of Lifetime Value Ron Marsh $39.99
Growth and Retention: Keeping the Good & Making Them Better Mark Kovscek $39.99
Measuring your Customer Retention Marketing Efforts: Best Practices Case Study Brad Rukstales $39.99
Using Econometrics to Boost Revenues, Profits & CLV Barbara Lewis and Daniel Otto $39.99
A Modern Approach to RFM Segmentation Roy Wollen $39.99
Database Marketing Industry Perspectives: Analytical Approaches Doug Newell $39.99
Who Is Afraid of Big Bad Data: A Machine Learning Approach Doug Newell $39.99
Marketing Attribution Evaluating Marketing Touch Points On The Customerís Path To Conversion Kurt Seemar & Trich Schultz $39.99
A Data Driven Approach To Multichannel Attribution Qizhi Wei $39.99