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Customer Centric CRM Darcy Bevelacqua $39.99


Customer focused CRM implementation requires proper planning, process development and technology to make quality decisions. Focus should be on the customer rather than market share. Join Darcy Bevelacqua as she shares why effective CRM implementations are critical to the success of companies.

Learn why customer focused CRM implementation requires planning, process and technology to successfully implement. -- Understand why it is important to: Focus on the customer share not just market share and segment customers by value in order to understand who you want to retain and invest in. Also, integration across the company will enable you to answer the questions, Which prospects look like my most profitable customers? What product and service mix will increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn? How often shall I communicate and through which channels?

Speaker Profile:

Darcy Bevelacqua is an experienced direct marketing and database professional. She has spent the last 10 years consulting for companies such as E*TRADE, Miller Brewing, Franklin Covey, Knight Ridder Newspapers, Cornell University, Sprint , EDS. Limited Brands, RadioShack,, etc. . Darcy specializes in helping companies grow their business by developing the right sales and marketing strategies to make them successful. Then she works with them to implement the right technology solutions to help make those strategies possible.

Darcy has a combination of marketing, sales and technical skills. She developed her technical background in systems from Prodigy and Accenture consulting. She gained her marketing and analytic experience at American Express, Citicorp, Time Warner, and Revlon.

Darcy has worked to develop target marketing and loyalty programs for several major retailers including Sears, Burdine’s, Mercantile Stores, Limited, Lenscrafter, Circuit City and RadioShack.

Most recently Darcy was a Director of Sales and Consulting at ClarityBlue, a customer intelligence company based in the UK. She is a Board member of the Direct Marketing Idea Exchange (top 100 Direct Marketers) and on the Board of the Direct Marketing Internet and Technology Council. She is a frequent speaker at the DMA and the NCDM (National Center for Database Marketing).

Darcy lives in upstate NY in the Finger Lakes area with her husband, two college aged kids, and her dog.