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CRM: Perception verses reality Michael Hoffman $39.99


In this webinar, Michael Hoffman outlines the top reasons CRM fails and defines what CRM should attempt to accomplish. Michael provides details of the view of CRM from each business unit within the organization. For instance, customer support has a different use for CRM than does sales and marketing. He defines what should be accomplished by each customer interaction with CRM and how to optimize ROI with each transaction when using CRM systems.

Speaker Profile:

Michael R. Hoffman

Vice President, Strategic Relationships

Michael Hoffman joined DoubleClick in May, 2003 to establish strategic relationships with key technology and solution partners. With over 15 years of CRM database marketing and customer analytics experience, Mr. Hoffman brings a wealth of knowledge to companies evaluating CRM direction. Mr. Hoffman has been a client of the majority of CRM vendors and has contributed to systems design and new application development.

Michael Hoffman is regarded as an expert in enterprise Continuous Relationship Management & CRM. Most recently, he has designed a comprehensive operations model designed to increase yield per customer at every customer interaction: The Matrix.

Mr. Hoffman has helped hundreds of organizations leverage technology, customer information and process reengineering to create competitive advantage and yield more profit per customer.

Mr. Hoffman experience comes from enabling Fortune 1000 companies to derive higher value per customer in the financial services, hi-tech, travel, publishing, non-profit, retail and healthcare industries with companies such as Chase, Charles Schwab, Readers Digest, Petro Canada, World Vision Canada, Experian, Conseco, Barnes&, Bank of America, Saga, UK, Shell.