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The Right Recipe for Information Governance: How to Use Measuring Cups and Cooking Tools Austin Hill $39.99


High profile leaks and security for electronic data are shining a spotlight on data security practices. Security privacy practice standards are not one-size-fits-all. It is webinar Austin Hill prescribes a right recipe for information governance, how to use measuring cups and cooking tools. Austin explains there are too many cooks and to what extent the shared responsibility leads to fragmentation of data policy management. He also answers a question “Does investing in proper measuring tools impact enterprises privacy security and IT internal control processes?” And finally, he discusses how corporate governance requirements shape the understanding and development of data protection management and compliance programs.

Speaker Profile:

Austin Hill

President and CEO

A serial entrepreneur and leading voice on the subjects of privacy and security, Austin Hill has built three companies from the ground up, beginning with his first at age 17. Austin is a Co-Founder of Zero-Knowledge Systems and was previously founder and president of Infobahn Online Services, which merged to form TotalNet, one of Canada's most successful Internet Service Providers. Prior to TotalNet, he created Cyberspace Data Security, an early network security consulting firm. An avid technologist and passionate speaker, Austin is a leading lecturer and presenter on privacy and security issues. He has spoken at COMEX, the International Conference on Privacy and Personal Data Protection, the World Economic Forum, and numerous other conferences and government hearings. Austin is also an Advisory Board member of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.