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Dont Take Your Vendors Word For It. How do you know when your database is clean? Roy Wollen $39.99


This webinar will define all the dimensions of data quality and give you practical suggestions on how to ensure the data quality. Roy Wollen presents “Don’t take your vendor’s word for it. How do you know when your database is clean?” In this webinar, Roy will provide a triangulated approach to measuring data quality of a marketing database. He will conclude with tactics for spotting trouble early and what to do when trouble arises.

Speaker Profile:

Roy Wollen

Database Marketing Consulting, Inc.

Roy Wollen has 20 years of experience in direct marketing. For the past 13, Roy has been on the vendor side with Experian, as well as Direct Marketing Technology.

Roy Wollen’s assignments at Experian centered on clients, using databases to solve business problems. Roy has led some of the top direct marketers in country across industries, particularly in e-commerce, retail/catalog, financial services.

Roy has authored a book on database marketing, as well as being active in several direct marketing trade associations, such as the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Chicago Association of Direct Marketing (CADM). Roy sponsored several events supporting direct marketing education via the Direct Marketing Education Foundation (DMEF). Roy is a regular speaker at National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM) conferences as well as at business schools such as Northwestern University, Columbia College and DePaul University.

Prior to Experian, Roy worked on the client side, for database marketers such as Bloomingdale’s Direct and Hewlett-Packard in the catalog division. In addition, Roy worked for Ogilvy & Mather, the global advertising agency, which emphasized strategy and writing skills in addition to tactical media planning and research.

Roy has a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University’s Integrated Marketing Communications program (IMC). The IMC program is a world-class direct marketing program that was founded in 1988 as the first graduate degree education in direct marketing. At Northwestern, Roy was founder- and editor of the alumni newsletter. As part of the program, students do a summer residency at a leading direct marketing company. Roy’s residency was at IBM Corporation, in their Prodigy online division.