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Growth and Retention: Keeping the Good & Making Them Better Mark Kovscek $39.99


Now that you have the customer, what do you do to offer the next product? Having a strategy in place is key to building customer loyalty and, ultimately, larger profits. In this webinar, Mark Kovscek details how to develop successful cross sell and up-sell strategies from a quantitative approach. Mark will share how you can use a variety of techniques to cross sell, up-sell and retain your current customers effectively. Finally, through case studies, Mark will share how to implement these applications within your marketing world.

Speaker Profile:

Mark Kovscek

Senior Vice President

Mr. Kovscek is currently Sr. Vice Presidetn at Digitas. Mark formerly leads the Allant Analysis and Consulting practice, focusing on the development of analytic-based solutions for strategic marketing opportunities. He possesses extensive experience in integrating data and statistical analysis, database strategy and process change to address complex business challenges. The Analysis and Consulting group at Allant is responsible for developing sophisticated, creative and effective strategic marketing solutions.

Mr. Kovscek is currently working with a number of clients in Retail and Financial Services. He is responsible for solution architecture and project management within these verticals. He has designed, enhanced or developed solutions in numerous applications including customer acquisition, analytic customer relationship management, merchandising, site analysis and risk management.

Prior to Allant, he was a Principal Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers where he led the development of analytic solutions for Fortune 500 clients in Retail, CPG and Financial Services. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University.