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Say the Right Thing Gayle Davey $39.99


Maximizing your communications to your target audience is important in driving and maintaining business. Are you currently using quantitative and segmentation schemes to develop your creative and packaging? In this webinar, Gayle Davey provides insight into using attitudinal data to improve your direct marketing communications by “Saying the Right Thing”. Additionally, Gayle will share why it has become harder and harder for our marketing messages to be heard. Finally, she provides a point of view for messaging and shares why you use segmentation to guide creative development.

Speaker Profile:

Gayle Davey

Sr. Vice President
Frank About Women

Gayle Davey is Sr. Vice President, Associate Planning Director, at Frank About Women, the leading marketing-to-women communications company, helping clients connect with women in today's consumer-empowered and digitally dynamic world.

Prior to joing Frank About Women, Ms. Davey was a Partner at Yankelovich, Inc., a research and marketing consultancy specializing in targeting solutions that boost marketing productivity by putting the power of consumer insights to work in marketing databases.

Ms. Davey was the practice leader of Yankelovich’s database consulting group. She lead a team of consultants responsible for helping organizations understand how using values, attitudes and lifestyle information and insight can translate into longer-term, more profitable relationships through improved targeting and messaging. She provided businesses with strategic and tactical guidance on how to best deploy attitudinal insights within their specific business context, especially relating to direct marketing offers.

Ms. Davey speaks regularly at industry conferences and has written articles on the topic of using attitudinal data to drive direct marketing productivity improvement.