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The Uniqueness of Data Sources Sam Cardonsky, Dave Freed, Sheri Lewis Paul $39.99


Join these three seasoned data list experts as they define different types of data available in the marketplace and what the future of data compilation might resemble. The discussion involves derived data elements, survey data and automotive data. Further input is provided regarding data quality, data uniqueness, key differentiators, promotional history and data of the future.

Speaker Profile:

Sam Cardonsky

Vice President, New Business Development

No biography is currently on file. This page will be updated when it becomes available.

David Freed

Founder and President
Marketing Data Auditors.

n his role as president Mr. Freed is responsible for the organizationís strategy and business development, while working closely with the auditing staff to help ensure the delivery of quality services.

With vast experience in the marketing data industry, Mr. Freed is well suited to apply this knowledge to assist other organizations with their use of marketing data. During fifteen years of experience with R. L. Polk & Co a leading supplier of marketing data to the automotive industry, Mr. Freed had a variety of data-related roles. As Senior Vice President, Mr. Freed was the leader of the organizationís data licensing operation, list distribution team, and Software Services business unit. He worked closely with major client companies such as American Honda, Mercedes-Benz USA, and BMW of North America.

Mr. Freed left Polk and became a founder of SwankSpace, an e-commerce organization providing office furnishings to various businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. In this role Mr. Freed gained experience with e-commerce and the requirements necessary to capture, store, and maintain transaction data, while at the same time ensuring compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements associated with data gathered through various electronic mediums.

Most recently, Mr. Freed served as Director of Data Services at Alliance Data Systems, a leading provider of transaction, credit, and marketing services. In this role, he was responsible for the acquisition of consumer marketing data, while ensuring that its use was compliant with the privacy policies of both Alliance and its clients, which included such companies as Limited Brands, Inc., Lane Bryant, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Sheri Paul

Senior Vice President
Equifax Marketing Services

Starting with National Demographics & Lifestyles in 1983, Ms. Paul has utilized her 21 years in direct marketing experience in a broad range of roles in the areas of consumer and business data acquisition, survey development, contracts, channel management, analytic data applications, strategic planning, privacy, product management and development, marketing, and sales management Ė both online and offline.

Ms. Paul held positions of Vice President at the Polk Company, VP of sales and business development at Belcaro Group/Shop at, and VP of Business Development for the Internet Data Group of ClickAction. Her previous role is in business and product development for ICOM Information and Communication, a consumer survey data company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.