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Programmatic Advertising 101 Evan Wallach $39.99


In this entertaining and descriptive webinar Evan provides answers to these questions:

• What is programmatic advertising?
• How is media transacted?
• How does the Vickrey auction work?
• What are some popular targeting methods?
• What are they key technical building blocks?

Additionally, Evan shares case studies and real life experiences detailing how best to implement Programmatic Advertising. His descriptions of the advertising techniques and applications make this a must view webinar.

Speaker Profile:

Evan Wallach is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Epsilon, where he runs programmatic channel partnerships and acts as the resident data expert.

Before coming over to Epsilon, he led the charge on the first programmatic direct initiative at PulsePoint – overseeing sales, ad operations, and partnerships for the group. Prior to Pulsepoint, Evan earned his CRM stripes as the Sr. Market Development Manager of an email marketing startup – MarketFish – running the internal lead generation department, managing the call center, and serving as the administrator. He’s also held roles in marketing research, recruiting, print media sales, and fundraising.

Evan’s an ardently loyal University of Wisconsin alumni, and holds a BBA in Marketing with an (informal) concentration in Product Development. In his spare time, Evan enjoys mac & cheese, craft beer, ukulele-playing, jazz, cycling, board games, and wandering the concrete canyons of New York City.