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Discounts and Deliverability with Addressing Tools Sherry Francisco and George McHale $39.99


In this webinar, you learn how to increase your deliverability and enhance your discounts with addressing tools from United States Postal Service. You learn what the requirements are to receive discounts, how you might improve deliverability and why you should care about these issues. Also, you will learn about the United States Postal Service tools that are available and learn what they have in mind for future database cleansing technology.

Speaker Profile:

Sherry J. Francisco

Direct Mail Solutions Consultant

United States Postal Service

Ms. Sherry Francisco is a Direct Mail Solutions Consultant to major corporations for the United States Postal Service. Based in Des Moines, IA, Sherry works with a portfolio of accounts covering a diverse array of industries. Ms. Francisco measures her personal and corporate success by the growth and prosperity her clients experience by the application of strategically focused direct mail marketing campaigns.

Ms. Francisco has trained with the national USPS Direct Mail Team, which contracts with many of the nation's top direct marketing authors and agencies for ongoing training resources and consultancy.

George McHale

New Business Acquisition Specialist
United States Postal Service

For over 30 years, George McHale has worked to create, improve and deliver the financial value that the US Postal Service provides to the American economy and mailing public. He innovates, creates, transforms, and “leads the charge” when revenue results and high quality performance for customers are at risk. Currently he is facilitating a Sales Leadership transformation to help the USPS position its products and services better across all customer channels and segments.

George's career spans Transportation, Logistics, Operations, Finance, Marketing, National Account Management, Sales Training and Sales Management in NY City, New Jersey, Connecticut and now Wash. DC / Northern Virginia, with corresponding home changes.

An Executive MBA from the University of Connecticut School of Business provides him with the coaching and leadership skills he used most recently at US Postal Service Sales Headquarters to acquire New Business revenue streams nationwide by serving customers business mailing objectives effectively.

His favorite expertise is in leading teams of Direct Mail Specialists who work closely with the country’s largest advertisers to grow their use of mail by getting it to work harder and more effectively for them. One of the most exciting aspects of an “integrated, go-to-market” Direct Mail strategy for companies of all size and shape is how well mail facilitates and enables identification and validation of new sales leads and prospects.