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Predictive Modeling: Genetic Algorithms Doug Newell $39.99


Genetic algorithms have been used successfully in direct marketing to predict response, conversion and fraud. It is a technique that Doug Newell explains very well in this webinar. Doug, a seasoned database marketing professional, provides insight into Predictive Modeling, Techniques, an introduction to Genetic Algorithms, Building Models with Genetic Algorithms and delivers a Case Study utilizing Genetic Algorithms.

Speaker Profile:

Doug Newell

President and Founder

With over 22 years of experience and recognized as an innovator in the world of analytics, Doug provides the vision and direction that serves as the foundation for the company. A successful entrepreneur prior to starting Genalytics, Doug was a founder of Tessera Enterprise Systems which was acquired by iXL in early 2000. Prior to founding Tessera, Doug served as Vice President of Analytics for Epsilon Data Management, a leading marketing solutions provider. Doug holds a degree in economics from Washington and Lee University and an MBA from the College of William and Mary.

Genalytics provides next generation predictive intelligence solutions software that helps firms optimize customer profitability and manage risk. Genalytics is a leading solution provider for the financial services industry, including the credit card, insurance, collections, mortgage and retail banking segments. Genalytics first installed its automated modeling software in 1999 at Schober GmbH (Germany), where it continues to be used to build predictive models for major European direct marketers. Genalytics clients include Capital One, Providian, First Union, American Express, Conseco, Juniper Financial, Upromise, and Seisint.