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Introduction to Mobile Marketing Steve Snyder $39.99


This webinar is designed to give listeners a general introduction to mobile marketing. We will discuss what mobile marketing can and cannot do and the various tools available in the mobile marketing toolkit. More importantly, we will discuss the important questions that must be answered to determine if mobile is right for your brand and the strategic considerations that must be done before starting down the mobile marketing path. Examples will be given to illustrate the results that mobile can achieve.

At least three things you will learn from this webinar include:

How to create a mobile strategy
What are the various tactics available with mobile
How to make mobile a competitive advantage for your brand

By understanding the various ways to use mobile marketing you can pick and choose those tools that best fit the needs of your brand without spending loads of time and money learning. Additionally, you will get a better understanding of how mobile fits in with the rest of your marketing program and how tying them together can improve results.

Speaker Profile:

Steve Snyder is a 30 year veteran of direct marketing with experience in direct mail, email and mobile marketing. Steve is currently a founder and the Chief Sales and Strategy Officer of Consent Media, a digital agency focused on mobile and social marketing. He was also a co-founder of Affinity Mobile in 2004. Steve launched the Trumpet Mobile prepaid wireless phone in RadioShack and Walgreens stores. One of the unique features was an application on the phone that linked to a bank account and allowed consumers to do Western Union money transfers from their handset. He also created a mobile marketing loyalty program to reduce the churn of Trumpet Mobile customers.

Prior to Affinity Mobile, Steve spent 25 years in a variety of sales and management jobs at Donnelley Marketing, now part of infoGroup. As General Manager of Donnelley Marketing, he was responsible for a $200+ Million P&L and 600 employees. Donnelley Marketing services included direct mail programs, customer database management, data analytics, and the compilation of a national consumer database that was sold to clients as a mailing list or for data enhancement.