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A Data Driven Approach To Multichannel Attribution Qizhi Wei $39.99


In this webinar, Qizhi Wei presents a data-driven approach to multichannel attribution. Qizhi defines channel attribution and provides an overview of common attribution approaches in the marketplace. Qizhi goes on to present Epsilonís approach that leverage well-defined control groups, individualized channel or communication weight, and response modeling. Such approach leads to significant improvements in channel measurement, and that in turn results in more intelligent marketing budgets that produce better overall results. He then shares a case study where they help a financial services company to migrate to a data-driven, fractional allocation approach for greater measurement precision. This is a great webinar to help you understand how to successfully execute multichannel attribution

Speaker Profile:

Qizhi Wei is a VP within Epsilonís Analytic Consulting Group, responsible for designing and building advanced analytic solutions for clients across industries. Mr. Wei has 15 years of analytic experiences, and has led projects employing a broad range of analytic methodologies including predictive modeling, segmentation, and campaign measurement and profiling.

Prior to joining Epsilon in 2011, Mr. Wei was a Director of Analytics with Merkle and also worked at Epsilon for six years during his first tenure there.

Mr. Wei holds a Ph.D. in Economics and a M.S. in Statistics from Washington State University. He received a B.A. in Economics from Nanjing University in China.