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Building A Successful Business Case For CRM Sandra Gudat and Chris Hamlin $39.99


This webinar provides insight into how organizations can become more CRM holistic, a functional and philsophical approach, while sharing a step by step process to build a CRM business case. Sandra and Chris also share how to incoroporate metrics to measure program and CRM success. They also discuss the four states of CRM, what the CRM payoff could be while identifying the critical success factors associated with a CRM program. Finally they discuss how to successfully work with a CRM partner.

Speaker Profile:

Sandra Gudat, President
Customer Communication Group

In a career that spans through three decades, Sandra Gudat is considered a pioneer in the field of relationship marketing. As president and CEO of Customer Communications Group, Inc. (CCG), she has helped define the field of CRM which recognizes the importance of existing customers by seeking ways to increase customer loyalty.

Sandra has been instrumental in building CCG’s Fortune 1000 client base which has included such notable clients as: First USA, General Motors, IBM, JD Edwards, Nordstrom, Pier 1 Imports, Tommy Hilfiger and Wells Fargo. CCG’s award-winning programs have produced outstanding results which have had a significant impact on CCG’s clients’ bottom lines. Her results-driven attitude is reflected in CCG’s proven ability to combine the strategies and tactics to create programs that work in the real world to drive sales and profits.

Sandra has been a featured speaker at national marketing conferences, including the Direct Marketing Association’s Annual Conference, National Center for Database Marketing Conference, Direct Marketing Days New York and the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association’s Retail Advertising Conference. She also consults and leads seminars with private businesses on the creation and implementation of database marketing programs.

Sandra is an active member of national marketing organizations including the American Bankers Association (ABA), the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and the Retail Advertising & Marketing Association (RAMA).

Chris Hamlin, VP Strategic Consulting

Chris Hamlin is Vice-President, Strategic Consulting at Epsilon. Chris leads Epsilon’s large-scale professional services engagements related to B2C and B2B marketing programs, segmentation and communications strategies, loyalty programs, and marketing technology solutions.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the Direct Marketing industry, designing and delivering marketing products and services. His background includes hands-on knowledge of direct marketing best practices, customer analytics, data products, and CRM/database marketing solutions. Chris has extensive experience with the design and implementation of integrated marketing solutions, development and execution of results-oriented marketing strategies, business case development, database compilation and hygiene, customer analysis, segmentation, and predictive modeling. Chris has broad industry experience but currently specializes in the retail, hospitality, and high-tech.

Chris began his career in Direct Marketing at National Demographics and Lifestyles (NDL) developing customer databases and conducting research projects. Since then, he has worked with many leading marketing services and solution providers such as Customer Communications Group, Sagent, SPSS, EDS, and Polk. Over the years, Chris has led the development and marketing of several leading commercial data database marketing and data mining solutions, many of which are still in use today.

Chris has a B.S. degree in Mathematics and an M.B.A. from Regis University.