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Grouping Tools, Including CHAID: Applications and Benefits Ron Marsh $39.99


In this webinar, Ron Marsh shares how to use segmentation and data grouping tools. Ron provides an overview into using grouping tools in direct marketing, grouping tools versus predictive modeling techniques, while defining anchored and unanchored analysis. Additionally, Ron provides specific insight into the following techniques grouping tools CHAID, CART and Cluster analysis.

Speaker Profile:

Ron Marsh

President and Founder
Audience Identification Inc.

Ron has been in the direct marketing and data analysis business for over 20 years. His graduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis in Social Psychology and Statistical Methodology, has proven appropriate for the study of consumer behavior in a variety of settings. Ten years ago, he founded Aii to provide statistical analysis and database services.

Ron's first job was at R. L. Polk and Company as Research Statistician. He soon advanced to Assistant Director of Research. In this position he was responsible for all client directed work, serving a large variety of clients in publishing, catalog, automotive and other industries. In addition, Ron was responsible for developing new products and assuring the data integrity of Polk's X-1 mass compiled list.

From Polk, Ron moved onto Publishers Clearing House where he developed the first statistical models for selecting customers and prospects for solicitation. He worked with the IS department in the development of a marketing database and reporting tools.

Immediately before starting Aii, Ron was Director of Database and Analysis at Infobase. In this position he was responsible for the quarterly build of the multi-sourced Infobase demographic enhancement database. In addition, he coordinated all client projects, and developed new techniques to maximize data usage, and optimize the correctness of the information.

In founding Aii, Ron's goal was the creation of a company small enough to provide individualized service, but large enough to handle the biggest of projects. Aii's success is measured by its recent celebration of ten years in business. Among current clients of Aii are United Airlines, UAL Loyalty Services, BP Oil Company, US Bank, Citicorp, American Bar Endowment, and Guarantee Trust Life Insurance.